Onify delivers innovative IT portal to Ljusdals Kommun

Ljusdals Kommun

About Ljusdals Kommun

Ljusdals Kommun in Hälsingland is Sweden’s 20th largest commune to the surface and has about 20,000 residents. The commune is the largest single employer with almost 2000 employees. The IT department has 9 employees and supports all communes departments such as administration, healthcare, school and much more. With so many departements, there are many systems to develop, manage and users to support. This is a real challenge!

The problem

Ljusdals Kommun has been working hard to support and manage the diversity of systems themselves, but user support and access to common information and services has always been difficult to manage. Just like in many other communes, most of the issues and questions are addressed directly to the IT-technicians and not registered as incidents. So the support gets very person dependent, and hard to follow up. The only way to get create a incident was by phone or email, and the only way to deliver help and services to users was manually, by phone or email. In order for the IT departement to find relevant infromation and solve the problems, they must log in and master the interfaces in a plethora of systems, ranging from AD and ServiceDesk to Systems Management. This makes it difficult to quickly carry out or delegate work even on easily repetitive tasks and actions.

The goal

The requirement from Ljusdals Kommun was to provide users and IT departement with one portal where they could find information and perform the most common tasks. The commune employees should be able to see their own information in AD and change the information if needed. They should be able to reset passwords, easily register tickets and follow the status of the ticket, and be able to order and install applications – with the approval from the manager if a software license was required. For the IT department, it was more about streamlining and automating the work. In addition to user requirements, IT should be able to find information about a user, computer or system and be able to quickly create and manage tickets, change device (assets), distribute programs to users or groups of users and install/reinstall computers with a minimal number of steps. It should also be easy to integrate with new systems so that new services can be continuously developed and released. And of course, the system should be available 24/7 and from any device and any location.

The solution was Service Portal

Ljusdals Kommun was faced with the challenge that there was no existing system that could easily merge the systems they had in place and continuously offer new services – there were systems that solved some of the problems but nothing that gave the flexibility they needed. Zitac (partner) has worked with Ljusdals Kommun for many years – especially with Systems and CMDB/Asset Management, Workflow and ServiceDesk. Zitac had begun to develop a new platform called Onify – a system for linking and presenting information as objects from many different systems. Together with the systems and as Ljusdals Kommun already implemented some workflow processes which we could reuse, we were able to easily create all the services that the commune initially needed in a simple, easy-to-use and unified interface.

Ljusdal Service Portal Screenshot

To read more about Ljusdals Kommun Service Portal and how Onify helped, continue reading the article (in Swedish) at our partner Zitac website. Also, do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions.