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Finland's oldest and largest university - an international academic community of 40,000 students and researchers. In international rankings, the University of Helsinki is among the top 100 universities. The University of Helsinki has two faculties and teaching takes place at four different campuses in Helsinki. Onify's platform is currently used by the entire University of Helsinki and is central to the digitalization and automation efforts within IT - asset mgmt. Onify has collaborated with the University of Helsinki for several years to continuously improve efficiency across the administrative work while providing users, customers and students with better digital experience.

A business-wide ordering portal

Students and employees at the University of Helsinki can use Onify's simple and unified interface to order products, services and authorizations.

One example is Management of assets throughout the life cycle that can be done for computers, licenses and users. More than 50,000 cases pass through Onify's platform annually, and more than 150,000 objects can be efficiently managed.

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Effective system integration

Onify's platform integrates with about 10 external and several internal systems - such as Efecte, SAP, AD, Microsoft 365, SCCM, Dustin, Digicert and Shibboleth.

85% time saving

Onify has enabled a significantly more efficient ordering process for hardware at the University of Helsinki. The key is an improved and automated workflow, simplicity for users, and integration of systems all the way to the HW supplier Dustin.

me for a hardware order has gone from two weeks to two days. And the administrative time from several hours to less than an hour. A time saving of more than 85% and a BIG benefit for the University of Helsinki.

How much time can you save with Onify?

Book a demo and see for yourself!

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Why change to Onify for software ordering?

"The benefit of switching from the legacy software ordering system to Onify was directly related to maintenance costs and unifying our technology stack - the old system was reaching its end-of-life and becoming impossible to maintain. And we did not fully follow our standards and policies.

So in this case, the advantage was about technological maturity. Now the software ordering service is implemented on Onify as other similar services, which is a direct benefit for our technical statt. And replacing old legacy systems is more easy now."

University of Helsinki

Less frustration

"Managing all IT assets in a single system saves a lot of time and frustration with fewer logins and simpler interfaces."

Flexible infrastructure

"We can now phase out several proprietary systems that are difficult to integrate with and rely on individual skills and people."

Orchestration of systems

"In the past we had automation for one system at a time - with Onify we have the possibility to integrate between different systems."

What is happening on Onify?
See the news!

What makes Onify unique?
Let us tell you!

Curious about customer cases?
Take a look here!

What is happening on Onify?
See the news!

What makes Onify unique?
Let us tell you!

Curious about customer cases?
Take a look here

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