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We spoke to Sami Nikander, IT Specialist/Solutions consultant, responsible for the Onify platform at University of Helsinki.

Q. Tell us, why do you see Onify as key in your infrastructure?

“The main benefit, compared to other workflow and automation solutions, is Onify’s lego-like quality. It allows us to build our own solutions bottom-up. Onify can easily be adopted to our needs and integrated with our current infrastructure like our Helpdesk system (Efecte), HR system (SAP), workstation management system (Microsoft AD and SCCM/Intune), and cloud storage system.”

Q. And what is the latest functionality you developed in Onify?

“During summer we built a lightweight pilot project for ordering SIM cards and data plans for phones through an Onify self-service form and Efecte back-end service. We found out about the need for such service, and by just having the initial meeting with our internal customer it was already half done. The process and the form were so straight-forward, that the initial rough sketch on the test server was already good enough to try out. A few minor tweaks later, the service is now in production. So, in this case we managed to build a new service with a really “low code” approach, because we already had the puzzle pieces at hand!”

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